What is Stopping You from

Living the Future Life

You Imagine?

Learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities and empower your present-day self by committing to your Future Self in this online course by Dina-Marie Weineck.

Be Your Future Now.

Be Your Future Now is a self-paced, online course that teaches you how to anchor within your future, turn obstacles into opportunities, and empower your present-day self and actions by committing to your Future Self.

Gain clarity on your future and who you are BEING in your future. Take intentional ACTION towards that life, without hustle and anxiety.

In this step-by-step framework, Dina-Marie Weineck will teach you the same process she uses with her private coaching clients (who pay her thousands of dollars per year) to learn how to build the CAPACITY within your NOW to call forth your future more quickly and in a more aligned way. 

Is This Course for You?

This course is for leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, service providers, moms, beginners, business veterans, intrapreneurs, and coaches, especially if you are ready to take the next step on your journey and are:

  • Unsure of how to connect the present to your dreams and visions
  • Find a disconnect between vision and strategy
  • Feel stuck in limiting beliefs and thoughts that are not serving your dreams
  • Have been, and are tired of, hustling just to make things happen
  • Want to build success on your terms and, finally, without becoming the sacrificial lamb of that success 

You Might Be...

…worn out by your todo list, stagnating in your career, struggling as a caregiver, experiencing a disconnect between your business’ future and current actions, or having voices of Doubt, Ego, and ‘What If…’ sitting on your shoulders. 

BE your Future, NOW takes you on a journey, answering this question: 

Who do I want to BE?

And then supercharges your actions by informing strategy with your Future Self’s wisdom.

Be your Future, NOW helps you connect with your unique dreams and desires, doing away with internalized limiting beliefs and thought patterns that simply aren’t serving.

What's Included

This program includes four modules, ten videos, a workbook, and exclusive additional materials that will walk you through the same process Dina-Marie's uses in her live coaching. The course includes:

  • Module 1: Before You Begin
  • Module 2: Tapping Into Your Future Self
  • Module 3: Connecting with Your Inner Critic
  • Module 4: Turning Obstacles Into Stepping Stones
  • Module 5: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
  • Module 6: What is Now Possible?

What Others Say


Working with Dina has amplified my coaching practice, my work as a performing musician, and my personal life. We dove deep into the inner work and healing, a truly humbling and vulnerable experience. Because I was willing to look inward, not only was I able to substantially increase the income from my coaching practice, but I have begun to look at setbacks and failures in a completely different way.

Many of the opportunities I created this year to grow my business were things I would have never considered or dared to do prior to my work with Dina. She boldly but gently leads you out of your comfort zone so that you can manifest your vision for a thriving community and an artful life.

Kristin Nakagawa


Working with Dina-Marie was one of the best investments I've made in my entire career. Dina-Marie stepped into my career with a broder mindset and approach around communicating my impact as an artist, an unbreakable belief in the entrepreneur inside of me, and her experience in what it's like to create a career of genuine impact.

She's guided me towards realizing and achieving two dream goals of mine: to become financially free thanks to a flourishing coaching business and to leave a meaningful legacy behind in the bass world through the founding of a bass society.

Andres Martin


Coaching was something I didn’t feel I needed, but after my first call with Dina-Marie I realized that feeling was the result of a limited mindset of my potential. In just 8 sessions together, Dina-Marie helped me work through countless past, present, and future career challenges. We unlocked several doors I thought were closed in my continuing career. I cannot recommend this work enough!

Aileen MacDonald

Get to Know

Dina-Marie Weineck

As a coach, I unleash the leader within creators, business vagabonds, and founders. I support clients as they affect social change through innovation and pursue success on their own terms, without becoming the sacrificial lamb of that success.

A musical theater veteran and former orchestra manager, I learned early on in my career that dreams can quickly turn into a nightmare. That is especially true when we pursue CV- or job-goals outside ourselves as a Human Doing, not a Human Being.

Years ago, I paused and reframed success as something that I AM, instead of something that I DO. In this course, I will help you do the same and, in doing so, supercharge your actions. Approaching life from that perspective changed everything for me and, ultimately, helped me design a life with the world as my vessel of inspiration. Once I turned inward, I was able to call forth unwavering capabilities to design a life that is prosperous and truly one I love living. In my case, that means traveling perpetually and moving countries (sometimes continents) every few months or so.

If you let go of other’s criticism and judgment…If you ousted your Inner Critic…And did only what you truly desire…

What would life be like? I invite you to find out.

Frequent Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete this course?

The recorded time of this course is approximately 2 hours. However, it will take you anywhere between 4 to 6 hours to work through the course. There are tons of guided exercises and prompts to support you in creating your next steps.

What type of "action items" are included in the course videos?

This course is jam-packed with action items. Each video will have prompts or actions for you to explore and take. While the first three modules support you in exploring yourself, your limiting beliefs, and future, the final module supports you in aligning that future with present-day action steps.

Do I receive all course items at once upon purchase?

Once you’ve purchased the course, you will receive your login information for the course and the workbook. You can start working immediately. However, you won’t be able to skip through and ahead to future modules. You will need to complete one module at a time, in the order they are presented. That can happen in one day or spread across multiple days. 

Is there a way that I can connect with others who are also taking this course?

This is a self-paced course. However, we’ve created a cool tweak: you will be able to leave comments, read others’ comments, and even receive personalized feedback from Dina-Marie in every module you are working on. 

Who can I contact if I have questions about the course content?

You can leave comments and questions underneath each video and Dina-Marie will respond and provide support. Should you opt for the Private Deep Dive, you will receive private support directly from Dina-Marie and will be able to converse with her privately and directly. 

Who can I contact if I am experiencing technical difficulties during the course?

If you run into any issues accessing or using the program, please email us at support@themapsinstitute.com and we'll help you resolve the issue.

Be Your Future, Now

A Life Changing Program including 2 hours of video, a workbook, exercises, and on-going support.




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