Achieve More by Hustling Less. 

It sounds crazy, but it's true. Learn the Secret in this Short Course that Delivers Long Results!

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Ditch The Hustle: The Secret to Achieving More

What if slowing down could actually accelerate your growth?

In this short online program, Dina-Marie Weineck will show you how, if you "slow your hustle," you can realign with your inner being and desires and find opportunities in the present moment.

The shocking result? Growth without hustling. 

What You'll Learn

In this course, Dina-Marie will help you depart from the path of should, embrace the path of joy, and commit to the present moment. You'll learn:

Why we hustle. There are two reasons — and they work against you.

The danger of "shoulds." Why shoulds can cause us to hustle without purpose.

How realigning with your joy is the key to working with purpose.

In This Course

Shoulds are what cloud your mind and keep you from connecting with your innermost desires and taking aligned action.

Following the path of desire and joy is a venture that reveals a state wherein your actions, opportunities, and your being as are in full alignment.

As you let go of shoulds and redirect your attention onto the path of joy, your mind will become quieter and you can deploy a singular focus in every moment, responding to the opportunities the present moment has to offer to you.

“I know that it sounds impossible that you can achieve more by hustling less, but I promise that you’ll find an entire mountain range of opportunities at the end of just a few minutes.

— Dina-Marie

What Others Say


Working with Dina-Marie has been an absolute highlight of my year. She has a unique and effective way of connecting with people and finding crucial and salient questions to ask them that serve to motivate and guide their perspective.

Carmen Menza 


Dina-Marie has a way of communicating that is both compelling and kind: She compels you to succeed.

Jaman Dunn


Dina-Marie's work creates a platform that expands the universe of artistic possibilities. It is a lighthouse for those rising artists and leaders that really want to make an impact on their communities and the world.

Samuel Vargas

Get to Know...
Dina-Marie Weineck

Dina-Marie unleashes the leadership abilities of creatives, entrepreneurs, and business vagabonds who affect social change through innovation, seek success on their own terms, and don’t shy away from the proverbial spotlight while cherishing the intentionally slowed-down moment of solitude. A musical-theater veteran and formerly entrenched within the classical music industry, her clients begin to step into the spotlight of their own possibilities as she lovingly pushes them to design a bold future where their personal lives are no longer the sacrificial lamb of their professional success.

Ditch the Hustle: The Secret to Achieving More

A short, but powerful course to help you achieve more by hustling less.




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