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The Nervous System Reset

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Give your nervous system the TLC it needs and deserves. 

Overwhelmed, Exhausted and Ready For A Reset?

You're exhausted and overwhelmed, but you're still trying your very best to do all the right things for your body and wellness journey. And each new year brings with it temptations of fad diets, new workout plans and resolutions that just never seem to work.

You want change. We get it

But here's the dirty little secret: before you can even contemplate making sustainable changes in your life, you need to begin with a healthy, regulated nervous system.

And that's why we've put together this full weekend of workshops. 

We've all learned the hard way that while a little Netflix and wine is all well and good, it's not a very effective (or sustainable) way to wind down. Likewise, those Instragram biohacks and quick-fix pills promising to sooth your anxieties and dysregulation only succeed at separating you from your time and money.

Instead, what you need is a nervous system RESET.

Are You Ready To Feel Better?

Join our collection of experts during this dynamic collection of all-workshop presentations that will help you better understand how your nervous system works, what you can do to nourish and nurture it, and provide tools you can use to down-regulate.

Here’s what people are saying about the summit



I loved the summit! There was so many great talks and it was very informative. Loved the wide variety of speakers too.

Kaylie , Miss

a Mind-Body Recalibration

a well-put together mix of practitioners and facilitators on the program. I like the simplicity of both the physical and mental/emotional approaches as well as the education to understand the nervous system better.

The guidance by the facilitators to go gentle with yourself and options offered for different levels of capability are kindly received. I super loved the shoulder session - wow! It's surprising how powerful something so simple can be. So loved it. I'd certainly like to redo the nervous system hypno session and others as well. The way my body responded went very deep and as much as I wanted to go through them all, I needed taking some time to process the experience between some sessions. I'm not sure the world would be ready for me if I did all of them in a row! I'm not sure I am ready for me however the summit is certainly worth the time.

Simone Jo Moore , HumanisingIT

Amazing hub of resources

Loved having a wide range of enlightening sessions available at the click of a button. Especially enjoyed Megan Cooper's session. MAPS is a great concept and resource.

Caz Houghton , Yoga Teacher/EFT Practitioner

Exceeded all expectations!

I am a bit of a "summit junkie", I admit, so I have participated in MANY similar 3-5 days educational experiences, BUT...the MAPS Modern Wellness summit far exceeded my expectations! The presenters were amazing in how they succinctly and generously shared their areas of expertise, and left me with actionable tools I could implement into my life right away. THANK YOU!

Carrie Crossman , educator

Excellent Modern Wellness Summit 2023

I was absolutely blown away by the quantity and the QUALITY of all of the presentations involved in this years MAPS Modern Wellness summit about resetting your nervous system. It was so clear that these had been curated and cultivated from people who have amassed a wealth of knowledge, techniques, and teaching/communication abilities throughout their lives and careers. I made some huge discoveries (and connected some dots that had been floating around for years) following the summit over the three days of FREE courses. I knew I wouldn't be able to get to everything, but covered a surprising amount of ground and felt like every second of my time was put to great use. The ability to pick and choose AND to watch in our own time was also unexpectedly fantastic and still created a sense of connection with the instructors.
Thank you for an illuminating three days - I look forward to staying connected to the MAPS Institute community and engaging in many more workshops and resources in the future.

Claire Galloway , Participant

The Summit Presenters

Sally Fletcher, CHt

Founder of Bloom and Become 

Sally is an accredited and certified Narcissistic Trauma Informed Codependency Coach, Narcissistic Abuse Specialist, Brainspotting Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.
She supports women to break free and heal from codependency and self abandonment, especially after narcissistic abuse so they feel safe to take up space, rediscover themselves and build a secure sense of self.

Chrissy Tucciarone, LCSW

Voice of The Art of Aliveness

Chrissy Marie is a trauma-informed Embodiment Practitioner, Inner Child Liberator, Advanced Spiral Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, and lover of crude humor. She comes alive helping heart-centered high achievers grow up their inner people-pleaser and prosper in their purpose work by making Playfulness and Simplicity a Priority. Her clients say they're drawn to her for her authenticity, and stay with her because they unlock their own. You can find her wandering in nature, dancing at her steering wheel, or rambling about life lessons on her podcast, The Art of Aliveness.

Dr. Emily Kiberd

Founder of Thyroid Strong

Dr Emily Kiberd is a chiropractor and creator of Thyroid Strong, an online program helping women with Hashimoto's learn how to work out without the burn out. She is a mama to Elvis and Brooklyn and now resides in Boulder, Colorado and 14 years in NYC.

Aretha Moller-Roth, LMT

Founder of Soulfish Wellness

Aretha, a multi-modality healer has always been fascinated by the puzzle of the human body. Her strong passion for facilitating whole-self wellness, allows for her clients' bodies to access their tremendous capacity for healing through therapeutic massage. Educating clients to realize their ideal alignment, mobility and inner balance, both on the table and through self-care practices at home, is how she believe we can all achieve long-term wellness.

Dave Wolovsky

Founder of Effortwise

Dave is a Pay Raise Coach and a conflict-avoiding, people-pleasing empath. After 5 years of research on neuroscience, empathy, and negotiation, he found something interesting. A few tiny tweaks turn those "weak" traits into incredible strengths. Empaths are naturally able to become the best negotiators out there, using the exact traits that make them seem weak. Eventually, Dave started helping other empaths make those tweaks to become master negotiators and max out their salaries, without being aggressive or manipulative.

Erica Hornthal, LCPC, BC-MT

Author, CEO and Founder of Chicago Dance Therapy

ERICA HORNTHAL is a licensed clinical professional counselor, board-certified dance/movement therapist, and the CEO and founder of Chicago Dance Therapy. Since graduating with her MA in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling from Columbia College Chicago, Erica has worked with thousands of patients aged 3-107. Known as “The Therapist Who Moves You,” Hornthal is changing the way people see movement with regard to mental health.

Dr. Hannah Murray

Co-founder of corpSonore

Dr. Hannah Murray is the co-founder of corpSonore - sound | body | wellness, a platform for musicians' health and wellness. She is a certified yoga instructor, Timani teacher, and musician based in Los Angeles, California. She regularly teaches virtual and in-person movement classes, musical masterclasses, and wellness retreats. When not nerding out about health and wellness, Hannah is an active performer and music instructor and has performed with many icons, including Michael Bublé, Andrea Bocelli, and 2cellos. You can read more about her at

Jessi Galvin

Voice of Open Heart Rebellion

Jessi Galvin is an Energy Alchemist & Purpose Coach and I support people in making powerful and lasting transformation in a loving way. Her mission is to empower people with trust in themselves, creating lives that are enriching and fulfilling. She's driven to be part of a more loving and compassionate world led by embodied, empowered, intuition-led humans.

Ashley Lane Adams

The People Pleaser Coach

Ashley Lane Adams is a life coach specializing in liberating people pleasers from the patterning that keeps them hiding and stuck so that they can life free lives of passion and joy!

Carrie Hauskens

Founder of Blooming with Care

Carrie is a freelance writer based in Northern California. Her expertise is writing about infertility and the many tangents that radiate from that experience. Carrie's trademark is vulnerable and authentic writing.

Miriam Zendel, RYT

Founder of LIT Yoga

Miriam is a body positive, consent-driven yoga teacher who believes that yoga is for every body and every mind. If you've ever felt like yoga isn't for you, she's here to help. She believes there is no one true path, no one true pose and that everyone can practice yoga, whatever their physical situation or mental state.

Michelle Babb, MS, RD

Author, Founder of Eat.Play.Be

Michelle Babb, MS, RD, has a private practice in West Seattle where she specializes in mind-body nutrition, weight management and inflammatory digestive disorders. Michelle is a Bastyr-trained functional medicine practitioner and was a clinical nutritionist at the functional medicine research center. She was an adjunct professor at Bastyr where she developed a course to instruct dietetic students how to use functional medicine in clinical practice. Michelle is the author of Mastering Mindful Eating, Anti-Inflammatory Eating Made Easy, and Anti-Inflammatory Eating for a Happy, Healthy Brain, and The Imperfect Perfectionist. She teaches nutrition-focused cooking classes at Puget Consumers Co-Op (PCC) Natural Markets. Learn more about Michelle at

Saira Hansen, CHt

Founder of Your Greatest Destiny Coaching

Saira is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach who has been working in the field since 2008. Over the years she has also studied Counselling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Energy Healing. All modalities to better serve and assist her clients towards the growth or change they are seeking. Her mission is to guide and inspire others to embrace themselves wholeheartedly without judgments; so that we can live from a place of peace, joy, gratitude, love, acceptance, abundance and ultimately reach our highest potential. She is here to help you live Your Greatest Destiny through 1:1 Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions!

Jessica Crow, RYT. LMT

Author, Founder of CNTRD Wellness

Jessica is a mind-body expert with 20+ years of experience helping individuals and organizations around the world nurture their wellbeing using meditation, stress-reduction and mindfulness practices. Her company, CNTRD Wellness, believes that virtual wellbeing is essential to creating better health, inside and out. Her courses and classes are made for every mind, and every body. Jessica is the author of ‘The Power of Guided Meditation’ (Fair Winds Press 2021).

Dr. Lucy Connor

Medical Doctor, Yoga Teacher, Educator

Lucy is a practicing medical doctor, yoga teacher and educator, she is also an aspiring yoga therapist. She is a passionate advocate of inclusive, welcoming and authentic yoga practices and specialises in gentle, restorative and restful practices

Andrea Trank

RYT, Certified HeartMath Trainer and Clinical Coach 

Andrea Trank is a mother, a grandmother, a registered yoga teacher, certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Teacher, Certified Restorative Yoga teacher, Certified Memory Maintenance Yoga teacher, a HearthMath® Certified Trainer and Clinical Coach and Trauma Certified HeartMath Professional, and a certified integrative medicine health coach who also teaches cooking and makes jewelry. In past lives she spent time as a TV News Reporter, covering natural disasters, and taught science and journalism at the high school and collegiate levels.  Andrea, a lifelong student, has continued  her education through the years, and after a few more degrees and additional training she now teaches her clients how to manage stress, deal with chronic illness, stay emotionally regulated, and to age vibrantly no matter what issues they face.

Megan Cooper

Holistic Coach, EFT Practitioner, Yoga Therapist

Megan is a Holistic Coach and EFT practitioner, combining also my training in yoga, yoga therapy, meditation and breath to facilitate mind-body-soul expansion and freedom. Her purpose is to activate, catalyse and shake things up which means she interrupts your patterns, beliefs, behaviours, habits and operating paradigms. Her work seeks to gain clarity within the conscious mind, rewire fears and limitations hidden within the subconscious mind, calm and regulate the nervous system and heal the body from the inside out. She is your greatest cheerleader, tough love coach and soulful mentor, guiding you towards what is possible and who you can be the other side of all the blockages placed in the way.

Shawna Bigby Davis, CHC

Founder of Your Daily, Voice of The BS We Feed Ourselves

Shawna Bigby Davis is a two-time entrepreneur and the founder of the health coaching app Your Daily®. Shawna knows firsthand what it takes to heal chronic health conditions — After selling her first business in 2018, she embarked on a personal healing journey, putting three autoimmune conditions into remission.  Her motto is “small daily actions create big results,” and she created the Your Daily® Reset App to heal the nervous system and gut issues with small daily actions. 

She holds certifications as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and multiple trauma therapies, which informs the work she does today.

Chef Lalo

Founder of Vegan Cooking Mastery

I was born in Mexico City. My culinary journey started very young, when I began cooking home meals to help out my mom. I’ve always loved eating but my mom was never a good cook. She was a single mother with 3 of us who worked night shifts and barely had time to sleep, let alone cook. When she did cook, it was always simple, fast meals. From her I learned the basics of Mexican cuisine: rice, beans, pasta soups, and spicy sauce. The more I cooked the more I found I enjoyed it—experimenting and mixing spices and ingredients to see what happened. Every now and then my grandma would come to visit and she would always teach me more. It wasn’t until 2 years after I high school that I had the opportunity to go to culinary school. When I stepped foot into that kitchen and started learning I knew that that’s what I wanted to do. I loved every moment of it, making bread especially was mind blowing! I was just so transfixed by the transformation of a few simple ingredients like water, flour, salt and yeast. I soon started cooking in restaurants and hotels. I had the pleasure of learning from Chef Ricardo Munoz Zurita at one of his restaurants Azul y Oro in Mexico City and also worked at the Presidente Intercontinental near Playa del Carmen. Then I came to New York and here I’ve been so blessed to be able to work with amazing chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants such as Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, Nix and ATLA.  I decided to go plant-based 4 years ago when I met my wife. Changing the way I eat and cook was challenging but exciting. Cooking with no animal proteins was a real experience: it helped me to get more creative and inventive in the kitchen.  I really love the fact that I can create delicious food with only plants and that I get the health benefits from it, and that I can help the world by doing so. I’ve also learnt to appreciate animals more. Admittedly, I wasn’t really aware of them before; I just ate to eat because that’s what I was taught. Now, I see them as living beings. I believe that a shift towards plant-based eating will help us have more food for those in need, a healthy planet, healthier people and a reduction in animal slaughter just for the sake of satisfying our demands. I don’t think animal farming will disappear completely, but at least we can strive for more conscious and sustainable practices. Now, as a private chef, I really enjoy cooking and creating culinary experiences for people that showcase the deliciousness of nature’s greatest ingredients. My favorite thing to hear is that people loved the food that I made even though they’re not vegan.

Cass Ghiorse

Founder of MIDLINE

A seasoned teacher with 20+ years in the field, Cass is the founder of MIDLINE. In addition to traveling for workshops and retreats, Cass runs an online studio where she offers courses on breathwork and integrative movement. She has been a certified Yoga teacher since 2002 and among her list of other certifications, most recently received her Functional Physiology Certification from Physiology First University. She is passionate about bringing the education of breath, body and brain to the youth in her community. In Cass’ class you’ll find a principle based and playful approach to breathwork and movement. She creates a safe space for people’s curiosity and strives to teach realistic ways that movement and breath awareness can be integrated into life. She is known for her use of language, knowledge of bio mechanics and the nervous system. She is committed to helping others discover their innate bio intelligence. She currently lives in Michigan with her husband and two children.

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More Than 10 Hours of Workshop Goodness!

Summits can be fun and great, but often they leave us without actionable and practical steps that can help us move forward. The Modern Wellness Summit is always hands-on, so that you're not just passively taking in information, numbers and data, and can, instead, put what you learn into immediate action!

Get Connected With Diverse, International Wellness Experts

We KNOW you want to live better and healthier lives, and part of that is being connected to experts who are doing great work (and who are not just sexed up influencers). We have you covered and can't wait for you to meet our amazing cohort of presenters! 

Access to Our Daily Journal 

We don't believe in resolutions, but we do believe in making conscious and sustainable activations that create change in our lives. One of our favorite ways of doing this is via journaling. So, when you sign up for the Modern Wellness Summit, you'll get a free copy of our Daily Journal. It's one of our favorite ways to initiate change! 

Access To Our Routine Reset Program (A $27 value)

When you sign up for The 2023 Modern Wellness Summit: The Nervous System Reset, we'll give you access to one of our most loved programs, The Routine Reset! It's normally $27, but you'll get it for free because it will be the best way to start your year off with success! 

The Summit Agenda

Make sure you don't miss your favorite workshop! Here's the full line-up:

About The MAPS Institute 

The MAPS Institute is an educational wellness platform and community of experts dedicated to ditching dogma and seeking clarity through science and research-based learning tools.

This space was founded by Laura Araujo on the belief that everyone deserves accessible and approachable ways to educate themselves and make sustainable wellness change in their lives . The MAPS Institute strives to help our members foster the balance of mindfulness, activation, purpose, and surrender (MAPS) within their life.

We strive to provide our members quality, science and research based resources so they can be more effective at work, have deeper and more fulfilling relationships, and live a more meaningful, balanced human life. 

The Nervous System Reset

Over 10 hours of Practical, Actionable Advice, Ideas, and Practices from 20 MAPS Experts




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Well, what are you waiting for? 

I know that the world feels loud, busy, and tumultuous right now. We're all feeling it. That's why, no matter what's going on in your life, I urge you to take some time during the weekend of January 27th to offer your body, mind, and nervous system some much-deserved TLC. You need a reset — we all do — and you should give yourself permission to take it!

There will always be another thing you "have" to do, buy or sell. But you only get ONE nervous system. Let's treat it accordingly and celebrate the weekend together.  

with Love,

The MAPS Institute

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