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Meditation & Breathwork

Meditation is undeniably powerful. But while some estimate that over 400 million people have tried meditating, many people struggle to make it a consistent practice. The reason may be that you just haven't found the right fit. This special, 7-day mini-program will take you on a tour of the world of meditation and help you find a type that fits you like a trusty pair of jeans!

9 Lessons - Easy

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Focus & Productivity

An excerpt and exercise from our full six-week, neuroscience-based program, The Focus Factor, that will help you reset, declutter, and revamp your routine to put yourself on the path to finding your own purpose-driven focus.

4 Lessons - Easy

Premium Course

Coming Soon!

Is a Lack of Focus Keeping You From Achieving Everything You Want? It's time to break through the steady stream of distractions keeping you from becoming the best you possible. The Focus Factor™ is The MAPS Institute's new 6-week online program that will help you: - Understand the brain science that explains how you‘ve undermined past attempts to improve your focus — and how to use that knowledge to rewire your brain - Learn the specific choices you can make and actions you can take to slowly, but consistently turn your brain into a focus machine - Layer specific tactics and tools on top of these foundational activations to channel and direct your focused energy so that you can achieve the life you want

1 Lesson - Intermediate


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