August 17, 2022


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It’s Time You Align the Stars Yourself! – Call in Your Future, NOW

There are two ways to go about life: you can work towards achieving the future you deserve or you can spend your life waiting for it to somehow come around. Wait for the stars to align, or you can reach for the stars and align them yourself. Are you waiting or aligning? Your answer can be the difference between growing old and bitter OR growing wise and fulfilled. Let me explain.

Only YOU Can Call the Shots!

If you’re waiting for the stars to align, you might wait forever. You might, in fact, hustle your life away – hustling after the things that you’re hoping to, one day, have. Hustling to one day wake up being that one person you’ve always wanted to be. But life doesn’t boil down to the hustle, in the same way that your value doesn’t boil down to how much you hustle. You’re the only one capable of aligning the stars and creating the future you deserve, so what are you waiting for?

Waiting for others to align the stars for you, then, means that you’re simply acting and reacting to the world. You might have a purpose and big dreams, but you let life get in the way because there are all these things you should and need to do. Waiting might have you feel out of control – you’re hustling and feeling like life passes you by while you can’t even catch more than 6 hours of sleep.

Ultimately, waiting means that what you are waiting for what may never come, because you act and react without boundaries, without purpose, and without protecting who you so wish you could be. You might say, “My time just hasn’t come yet.” Or, “I’m just waiting for that position to become vacant.” But over time, you grow resentful, frustrated, and sit with a ton of potential never unleashed.

If you’re waiting for the stars to move in your favor, you are relying on external sources and resources that, frankly, don’t give a damn about your path.

If you’re aligning the stars yourself, however, you are returning to, tapping into, and activating your inner resources, all of which are dormant inside yourself, waiting for you to turn up the flame of aligned action.

Show Up as Your Future Self

Aligning the stars is a choice to BE exactly who you want to be one day, today. Aligning means you recognize that you are in control. Aligning means you are willing to slow down in the moment to ask yourself, “If I was in full control of who I am and what I do, how would I be in this situation?” Aligning leads to fulfilled, aligned life.

Alignment, dear reader, means that you’re becoming the very person that IS and DOES and HAS all these amazing things because you’ve CHOSEN to BE that person. What would life feel like if you showed up for life as exactly the person YOU want to be? Not as someone you’re waiting to be or as someone you should be because of X. What would become possible?

From Doing to Being

A few years ago in a closing coaching session with a client, the client – let’s call her Anna – shared with me how, since she’d started to BE and show up differently to the organization that she had founded 2 years prior, everyone involved in the organization began showing up differently, as well.

In other words: once Anna made a choice to show up as her most ideal Self, the world began to respond to her in the most ideal ways, too: her BEING was radiant and causing ripple effects throughout the organization.

The results were astounding – her staff became more independent and efficient, her board became more involved, more applications flew through the door than ever before, international coalitions fell into place, and the budget grew significantly. In choosing to BE different, Anna aligned the damned stars herself.

As for myself, ever since I’ve decided to change my perspective of life, started living from within my inner resources – my true BEING – and created space sans-hustle, my future came rushing in, just like it did for Anna. What were to happen if you, too, reached for the stars? I want you to take a moment and think about what your future could look like if you take control, start showing up as your best self, and move from doing to being. What would your life look like?

You’re not just moving from waiting to aligning, you’re moving from doing all the time, hoping for things to fall into place, to being your future self. Now that is powerful. So when will you choose to take control of your future and make it your own?

Where Do I Even Start?

I bet, since you’re clearly still reading, that you’ve already made that choice. At a minimum, somewhere in the last 600 words, you have. Now, you might wonder, ‘what now?’ Truth is, aligning is a process, not an event. So, I’ve created a 3 step process for you to tap into your inner resources, call forth your Future Self, and start to align the stars.

Click the book above to download your own copy!

Your Future is waiting for YOU to align the stars. And you can do so with a wonderfully easy (and cathartic) 3 step process that I share with you, one step at a time, in this guidebook: “Your YOUnique Future – from Doing to Being”. Or as I’d like to call it: “Align the Damn Stars Yourself Already!”

The best part? This guidebook is completely free.

About the Author: Dina-Marie Weineck

Dina-Marie unleashes the leadership abilities of creatives, entrepreneurs, and business vagabonds who affect social change through innovation, seek success on their own terms, and don’t shy away from the proverbial spotlight while cherishing the intentionally slowed-down moment of solitude. A musical-theater veteran and formerly entrenched with the classical music industry, her clients begin to step into the spotlight of their own possibilities as she lovingly pushes them to design a bold future where their personal lives are no longer the sacrificial lamb of their professional success.

When humans commit to working with Dina-Marie, they realize the vision they are driven by, seeking to live and affect change from the inside out. As clients courageously jump into the unknown, dare to dream bigger, and love more deeply than ever before, Dina-Marie submits that a scarred heart offers more intimately experienced love than a forever-protected one. So, together, they identify the most daring and frightening dreams and reveal a path towards realizing them. In doing so, they are kept company by serious humor, fierce commitment, and easeful tenacity. The outcomes are manyfold; personal, professional, and financial. As clients create a multi-faceted life, one question is omnipresent: “What does your business have to do for you?”

A native of Leipzig/Germany, former transplant to Los Angeles, and perpetual traveler at present, Dina-Marie’s company is completely remote while it lends the flexibility to regularly meet with clients for in-person experiences around the world. Her vision is fueled by her arts administration background, notably with the Detroit Symphony, The Sphinx Organization, the Segerstrom Center, and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. In Germany, she served as Executive Director of musica assoluta, a Hanover-based orchestra, and supports the planning of the annual German Orchestras’ Conference. Click here to visit her website.



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