By Dr. Bianca Inirio, OTD

April 12, 2021

If you’re pregnant there’s a good chance you’re wondering about the safety of prenatal workouts and want to know, “Can I still workout?” This short guide will help you separate fact from myth about what’s safe and what’s not while growing a human being inside of you, and will help you feel more comfortable on your journey of becoming a healthy parent.

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By Kate McKay, RCC

March 29, 2021

The beginning of your parenthood journey can feel like a chaotic roller coaster, especially when it comes to your emotions. Your mood is up and down and all over the place, and you seem to have little control over any of it. But feeling dysregulated in postpartum is more common than you may think and, using a simple technique called NESTS, something you can manage.

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By Heather Snyder Ippolito

February 10, 2021

We are dynamic beings who are often in motion and relating to other people, objects, and activities. So, posture is not a single position that you hold, it is how you move your body every day — which is why it’s literally such a critical part of living a balanced life! But there are three things that hold us back from good posture.

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By Laura Araujo

December 21, 2020

I suspect you’re done with most of your holiday shopping, so I thought it was a good time to share with you some ideas on gifts you can give to yourself (although they’ll also make great last minute gifts for that tough-to-buy-for special person!).

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