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The Practice: Your Weekly Guide to Living a Life in Balance

Your life is a whirl, full of constant demands on your time and attention. This constant stimulation makes it hard to think straight, let alone live the life you really want to live.

But there is a way to find balance amid this chaos and live life on your terms.

And, spoiler alert, it's not some quick-fix program promising the answer to all life's ills. Instead, you need to understand what's happening inside your mind and body, take an inventory of what is important in your life, and consistently and patiently move yourself towards it.

It takes a Practice.

This was amazing. Thank you for these thoughts. What a wonderful reminder, it IS the imperfections that bring beauty to our lives.

Jeff T., Executive

I’ve been following your meditations through the MAPS institute, and it's been a wonderful journey. It’s been a great practice to follow along with! I think the tone of the emails is spot on - I like the good dose of science thrown in.

Suzanna H., Bakery Owner

Weekly Invitations, Insights & Inspiration

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Invitations to Engage in Your Practice Across All Dimensions of Your Life

In our go-go society, it's easy to forget what's most important. Each week, we will invite you to remember, to pause, and to engage in ways that ultimately serve your ultimate purpose

These invitations will help you to engage at work, in your relationship, and with yourself so that you can become a better leader, a better friend and partner, and accomplish more of what's most important to you across all dimensions of your life.

Insights into the Science Behind Finding Balance

Talk, as they say, is cheap. There are plenty of places to go if all you're looking for is some rah-rah inspiration. But the fact is that much of what stops you from achieving everything you want in life, and finding that elusive balance, is rooted in the science of how your brain and body interact with each other and with external influences.

Each week, The Practice tackles a critical theme and then points you to science-based and research-focused insights — both that we have created and external resources we have found useful — to help you understand what's going on inside of you. This critical understanding will help you find your own way forward as you seek to create your life in balance.

Inspiration to Keep Moving Toward Your Purpose

While we're not fans of the empty-calorie, platitude-filled type of rah-rah inspiration peddled in social media these days, it is a fact that we all could use a little inspiration from time to time.

Each weekly issue of The Practice is filled with challenges and calls to action that will make you think, inspire you to learn more about yourself and what may be holding you back, and help you keep moving forward toward your purpose

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