By Laura Araujo

April 16, 2021

We are continually overloading our nervous system and the stuff between our ears, but give little thought to how we’re going to recharge these two vital systems — yet expect them to function optimally! But when we don’t recharge we negatively impact our ability to achieve our long term goals in a sustainable way. Pranayama can help you flip the switch from brain-drain to nervous system recharge.

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By Rebecca Capps, LMFT

March 26, 2021

Our fast-paced lives distract us from being genuinely intentional about our meals. It’s common for us to eat in front of the television, computer, or to have our smartphone in hand, which is the very definition of mindless eating. Instead, we need to become mindful eaters — because doing so is vital to becoming your most vibrant, healthiest self! But to do that, we need to unpack what mindless eating is really all about.

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