By Laura Araujo

September 2, 2021

It’s been an amazing summer and will hopefully be a warm and cozy fall. That means there is still ample opportunity for backyard picnics, time spent on the beach or the backyard, BBQ’s, parties, and long conversation-filled hours spent dining al fresco.  Each one of these delightful events has one thing in common for most of us – free-flowing alcohol. 

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By Aretha Moller-Roth

July 3, 2021

From the moment we are born we long for touch. As the first of the five senses we develop, it plays a critical role in how we process sensations and stimuli into neural signals. When our bodies are deprived of that touch, a cascade of negative physiological and psychological effects take place in our bodies. This phenomenon, known as touch starvation, has become a significant issue for many as the global pandemic surges on — but practices such as Abhyanga can help even if you’re alone.

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