By Aretha Moller-Roth

July 3, 2021

From the moment we are born we long for touch. As the first of the five senses we develop, it plays a critical role in how we process sensations and stimuli into neural signals. When our bodies are deprived of that touch, a cascade of negative physiological and psychological effects take place in our bodies. This phenomenon, known as touch starvation, has become a significant issue for many as the global pandemic surges on — but practices such as Abhyanga can help even if you’re alone.

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By Laura Araujo

March 2, 2021

Uncertainty is having limited knowledge about an event, person, occurrence, or topic, and its future. In our busy minds, that means it’s difficult to control things, plan things, or calculate what is to come – which if you’re the average control freak, is a bit nail-biting. This meditation can help.

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