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Becoming an ACE: Building a Personal Practice of Awareness, Curiosity and Engagement

What will it take on a personal — and organizational — level to survive the transition from the industrial age into the digital era? More importantly, what will it take for you and your teams to gracefully adapt with the continuous waves of change and thrive in this new era?

Using Mindfulness, Meditation, and Breath to Transform Your Life & Organization

What if the difference between just treading water to get by day-to-day, and living a professional and personal life that was exciting, fulfilling, and in balance came down to just one thing?

Becoming an Ace

In the midst of this tumultuous, technology-driven period, you may be tempted to stay rooted in what you know and in the ways you’ve always done things. That, however, is a recipe for irrelevance.

The reality is that, as a society, we are over-stimulated, and underinvested emotionally — and our choices are often driven by the structure and rigidity of a bygone era, which has turned us into habitual, robotic beings, ill-equipped to thrive in this new era that demands agility, creativity, and empathy — that demands humanness — to thrive.

This research-based workshop will give you and your teams the resources they need to build a personal “practice” based on awareness, curiosity, and engagement — which will enable them and your organization to move gracefully with the continually changing waves of the future to eliminate rigidity in your teams, and create sustainable business agility. 

During the workshop, we will provide an introduction into the elements that make us “human”, how our nervous system works, why it’s fatigued, and what that has to do with your bottom line (and coffee addiction). We will offer transformational tools, concepts, and activities that you and your team can practice on the train, in your office, car, or in the comfort of your home, to guide you back into humanness.

Most importantly, you and your team will be invited to explore this perhaps“untrodden ground” in a safe, accessible way, where you will have the opportunity to re-choreograph thought-patterns to cultivate awareness, curiosity, and engagement, while simultaneously re-framing how you engage with ideas, and those around you. The outcome will be a personal and organizational practice that will not only empower and unleash potential, setting you your team apart on the playing field, but also will create a work environment, and lifestyle that is both sustainable, and more fun.

Using Mindfulness, Meditation, and Breath to Transform Your Life & Organization

If you or your team have already experienced the “How To Be An ACE” workshopand are ready to dig deeper, or if you’re coming up against personal or professional roadblocks and can’t exactly put your finger on what’s “off”, this workshop is for you.

With a hands-on, dynamic approach, this program helps increase productivity,retrains the brain to a positive, powerful, and sustainable choices, and cultivates a healthier internal infrastructure and work environment. This active, engaging, and slightly more soul-baring MAPS workshop propels you and your team to jump outside of your comfort zone, increasing mindfulness, productivity, and purposefulness to construct a more authentic and affective personal ecosystem.

In this signature MAPS workshop, we integrate concepts of Mindfulness, Activation, Purpose, and Surrender (the foundation MAPS) into your real work and life context. You can expect lots of movement, breath-work and other deep-dive exercises as tools to help you build and apply this practice in both your personal and professional life. The ultimate goal is to help you let go of everything that is holding you back — to let go to grow, and transform your life for the better, one choice at a time.

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