December 21, 2021


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The Stress of Holidays Has Severe Ramifications on Our Sex Life – Here’s How To Turn Things Around – and Give The Best Gift of All to Your Partner!

Oh, the Christmas Holidays! So many yearn for it, while so many others fear it. 

The winter holiday season offers moments of joy and happiness. But the anxiety of meeting with loads of relatives, the traditions, rituals, the pressure to measure up, and the memories of those that no longer get to celebrate with us can all add up to a difficult season for many of us.

All of these added to the often unreasonable expectations we set for ourselves during this time of the year can cause noticeable levels of stress. 

Stress and Sex Don’t Make For a Jolly Partnership!

This increased level of stress can dramatically impact our sex life — something that should be the greatest gift of the season! All of this stress affects both your brain and body.

In Your Brain

You’re feeling nervous, worried, and upset. Your brain feels foggy or, oppositely, it’s spinning at high speed with a thousand thoughts per second going back and forth. 

How can you feel like getting down to business when your main sex organ (because yes, that’s your brain!) is way too busy trying to overcome all the situations it’s going through? 

And Your Body… 

This machine that it is your body won’t work without the gas your brain has to provide for it! 

When your stress levels are running high, there’s an increase in your cortisol levels (our main stress hormone), which, along with many other downsides, will decrease testosterone levels. 

Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for our sex drive (libido, horniness…) — in both men and women.

With cortisone levels skyrocketing, testosterone running dry, and our head worried about the next big family get-together, who would feel like having a steamy session with a partner (or even solo)? 

How to Reduce Stress During the Holidays?

It’s ironic how the one thing you feel like doing the least, might be just the thing that would help the most in reducing the stress this time of the year! 

Some sexy time can help you get rid of stress as your endorphin and oxytocin take over, giving you a mood boost! 

But if you’re reading this, it’s probably because sex is not at the top of your list. If that’s the case, here are a few things you can try to reduce those stress levels and get in the mood for some playtime! 

  • Picture the Christmas you want to have. Don’t feel forced to fall into someone else’s perfect Christmas. Create your own — one that makes you happy!
  • Set boundaries and stay away from family conflict. That uncle that always makes sexist comments or that cousin that brings the worse out of your aunty might be people or situations to avoid. 
  • Stay focused on what you can control. There’s no point obsessing over that Christmas present that won’t be delivered in time, or that family member that won’t make it to town because of that snowstorm.
  • Don’t go too crazy with the sugar. Too much sugar in your body can cause an imbalance in your hormones. One of them being testosterone!
  • Learn to say no. More often than not, being a people pleaser only brings pleasure to those around you, not you. 
  • Wisely manage your time spent on social media. If this is a difficult season for you, try to stay off social media as much as possible. Especially stay away from those pages that trigger those negative feelings in you. 
  • Make a Christmas budget. If you don’t want to wake up next year and ask yourself where did all your money go, it’s time to make a Christmas budget. This will help you worry less knowing exactly where your money is going and help you not overspend. 
  • Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, and stay healthy. Do you want to add being cranky for lack of sleep or feeling sick because you didn’t look after yourself to that list of stress? Didn’t think so! 
  • Protect your me-time. Family is coming to visit, friends want to catch up, but you just need some me time. It’s normal! Don’t forget about giving yourself some alone time to relax and recover from all the stress of the holidays. 

Now That You’re Feeling Less Stressed, It’s Time for Some Tips to Enjoy the Hottest Sex This Christmastime!

  • Jingle bell, knock! There’s no better Christmas present than a good ol’ door latch! Having a few guests around the house, or your overly excited kids jumping around from room to room, might make you feel on edge whenever you’d like to get frisky! A door latch is the perfect Christmas decor for your room, adding a touch of jolly privacy during those busy days. 
  • Get creative! Dress up as sexy Santa and give your partner a striptease to let them know Santa Claus is coming to town, and perhaps you too should go downtown, if you know what I am saying!
  • Plan ahead. And with this I don’t mean you should schedule your sexy time (which you could do, too!), but make sure you’ll have everything you need to have a not-so-silent night whenever you want to. Traveling out of town to visit the family? Make sure you have packed condoms, lube, sexy lingerie and your favorite handcuffs and sex toys!
  • Make it fun and challenging! Going back to your family home? How about role-playing as two teenagers that have to sneak around so your parents don’t find out? Do you have a full house? Make it a challenge to touch each other in arousing ways without anyone finding out. You can even keep count and whoever wins gets a prize! You can get creative with the trophy, too! 
  • Make it your present. If everything gets too much for you, how about booking a night in a hotel, ordering room service and getting a couples massage? It will give you something to look forward to — which can be really sexy — and hey, you already found the perfect present! 

Whether you find the holidays to be the most wonderful time of the year — or not — one thing is certain. You can definitely make it the sexiest!

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