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November 28, 2022

Join Laura in reflecting on your relationship with gratitude through this sit practice. You’ll mindfully consider the good in your life, from physical things to spiritual connections, and actively recognize your gratitude for everything in your life. Step away from your stresses for just a moment and appreciate the ordinary, everyday things you might take for granted. Take a moment to thank your body

Living Gratitude: A Sit Practice

November 22, 2022

Negative body image isn’t forever – here’s a few ways to start shedding that shame and growing to love the body you live in.

Struggling with Negative Body Image? Try These Tools to Start Healing from Your Body Shame

November 14, 2022

Learning a new language unlocks new processing methods, communication styles, and ways of interpreting the world. Sometimes we even learn heartwarming words that our language doesn’t have to describe beautiful and specific aspects of life.

Big Brain Energy: Unlock Your Neuroplasticity by Learning a New Language

November 11, 2022

Our past and present is here to inform, not determine our future.To help achieve this, I’ve created a process that calls forth your innermost leader and, in doing so, supports in you creating a future goal you’re coming from, not hustling obsessively to reach achievement.

How to Turn Into the Person You Want To Be – Right Now