April 3, 2020

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One Simple & Free Way to Transform Your Day

Happy Sunday!

I don’t know about you, but this whole #WFH thing has encouraged me to shift my routine. 

If you read my last note, you might remember that I advocate, now more than ever, for a quieter, more listening-driven existence. 

This Weekly Practice letter will be short & sweet. I’ve included below a FREE, streamable MAPS exercise that I invite you to try, and see how it changes your mood and your perspective!

This exercise, when paired with a consistent MAPS practice will help you: 

  •  Build greater self-awareness
  • Understand, and learn tactics to be free of your “monkey-mind” 
  • Cultivate greater relationship with emotions, so you can make choices consciously, not rashly 
  • Reduce activity in your brain’s “fear & anxiety center” — the amygdala
  • Place a deeper value on small pleasures, leading you to “want” less, so you can surrender to your desires

You can try this practice with a cup of tea, (one of my favorites is Club Magic Hour’s Lucid Dream) a cup of coffee, or even a glass of wine — I personally would have to choose a great right bank Bordeaux

So go ahead, grab your beverage of choice, get settled in a comfortable seated position where you can be free from potential distraction for the next 10 minutes, and hit the play button.

If you enjoyed this, and would like more content like this, please let me know!

As always, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your support. It means the world to me. 

With love, 

– L

About the Author: Laura Araujo

Laura Araujo is the co-founder of The MAPS Institute, a classically trained vocalist, and a practitioner of Ashtanga, classic Indian yoga. She is the creator of the MAPS (Mindfulness, Activation, Purpose, and Surrender) philosophy and is in continual pursuit of helping her students find balance amid the chaos around and within them.


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