Rising Springs Wellness Water


Note: Please verify price on the Rising Springs website. We may receive a commission for purchases made through this link.

Unprocessed, unfiltered, and unapologetically natural.
This beautiful water comes from a 16,000 year old mineral supplement and is silica-rich with a natural, geothermally induced 9.4 pH.
What’s best is it can be conveniently delivered directly to your door. It’s smooth texture makes it one of the most delicious and smooth tasting waters out there! Every sip is like a dose of love for your skin, bones, and cells! It’s a chance for you to drink water the way your body wants to receive it.

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From Rising Springs:

Spring water so rich in anti-aging, bone building, health supporting, minerals, that it’s packaged at the source as a natural mineral supplement.

Delivered flawlessly pure, unfiltered, and unprocessed right to your door. 100% wellness in every drop.

Flowing through 2.2 miles of naturally occurring silica, a mineral scientifically proven to enhance your health and longevity.

Rising Springs literally promotes wellness from the inside out.

Silica is actually more critical than calcium for building bones. And it’s essential for healing and recovery if you have any kind of bone issues (like osteoporosis) or bone/joint injuries (a fracture, pulled muscle, dislocated joint).

Silica is essential for the production of collagen. More silica means more collagen, which means less wrinkles and tighter, firmer skin. BEAUTY BONUS: SIlica also keeps nails, teeth and hair strong and healthy!… Rising Springs really is a real life Fountain of Youth!

Silica helps keep joints lubricated, as well as more resilient. This means you can have greater flexibility and can recover more quickly from workouts and injuries. Enough silica can also reduce joint pain and arthritis symptoms.

If you want to get rid of heavy metals and other toxins from your body, turn to silica as part of your detox routine. That’s because it’s especially good at binding to contaminates and removing them from the body!

Another magical benefit of silica is that it helps improve connective tissue in the brain, therefore improving memory. It may also help prevent Alzheimer’s and memory loss by helping rid the body of aluminum (which has been linked to cognitive decline).

Note: Please verify price on the Rising Springs website. We may receive a commission for purchases made through this link.


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