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Dr. Josh Friedman

Nutritional Psychologist

I have a great appreciation for your Institute...clearly leading the way to a new vision of humanity!

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Dave Wolovsky


September 22, 2022

How you talk about your work determines whether people value it. Here’s how you can excel in selling your work to employers.

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Communicate Your Full Value in Pitches, Job Interviews, and 1-on-1 Presentations

By Dina-Marie Weineck


September 16, 2022

Where does good leadership come from? The type that elicits great job satisfaction among your team and fantastic customer service, black numbers on your annual reports, and staff that feel motivated to work for you?

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Leadership: The New Self-Love

By Laura Araujo


September 11, 2022

Experiencing Emptiness And Compassion Together Is A Crucial Step to Finding Greater Peace: Try Tonglen Meditation Today

By Keegan Prue


September 6, 2022

Men Feel Too! Three Creative Tips to Help Men Open Up About Their Feelings During Infertility

Focus & Productivity

Ditch The Hustle: The Secret to Achieving More

In our fast-paced world, we're inclined to thinking that doing more, hustling harder, and becoming more robotic is the key to achieving more, and more success. Unfortunately, that philosophy is not just hard on our bodies and minds, it's simply untrue. Doing less is what helps us to achieve more – but how do we do this in a realistic, sustainable way? Let's dive in!



3 Lessons


Modern Wellness

Exploring Modern Wellness

This coursed was derived from our first Modern Wellness Summit that happened on December 4th, 2021, and we can't wait for you to dive in to all this hands-on learning! Ready to take a hands-on deep-dive into Modern Wellness? We recognize that the traditional approaches to wellness aren't serving us any longer. We need an approach that is not just science and research based, but that caters to our bioindividuality and the uniqueness of our modern lives.



8 Lessons


Meditation & Breathwork

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is undeniably powerful. But while some estimate that over 400 million people have tried meditating, many people struggle to make it a consistent practice. The reason may be that you just haven't found the right fit. This special, 7-day mini-program will take you on a tour of the world of meditation and help you find a type that fits you like a trusty pair of jeans!



9 Lessons


Live the MAPS Lifestyle.

If you are ready to live authentically, be more productive and effective at work, have deeper and more fulfilling relationships, and live a healthy life in balance, you're one of us. We are dedicated to helping you embrace the MAPS Lifestyle using our four tenets of Mindfulness, Activation, Purpose and Surrender to find balance and live the life you want to live.

Meet Laura.

I created MAPS not because I have some secret remedy or because I think I have it all figured out. I created it because I have observed what happens around me when I embrace this idea of creating a personal daily practice of life. I have found that when I actively foster it within my life and practice it without fear of its uncertainty, that is when everything comes together and I find that I am living my best life.

And that is what I want to share with you.

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