Live with Purpose.

Embrace Your Humanness. 

Create a Life in Balance.

If you are ready to live authentically, dynamically, and boldly, achieve more purposefully, while retaining your humanness, The MAPS Institute will help you build a personal practice of Mindfulness, Activation, Purpose and Surrender, that will make all the difference.

What They're Saying...


Attentive and compassionate

Laura is one of the most attentive, compassionate, and challenging instructors I've had the pleasure of working with. She can always be counted upon to push me to my edge, without fear of going too far. She's taught me to move slowly and mindfully through my practice, to listen to myself, and to honor my needs. I would recommend Laura to anyone seeking to deepen their practice, and strengthen both outside and in.

Justine Duhr

Self-love, patience & persistence

Laura has helped me nurture self-love, patience, and persistence.

Sheryl Horn

Forever remember the lessons

Laura has taught me so much over the past years and I am so fortunate to have had her as a teacher. I will forever remember the lessons she has taught me and continue to use them in my practice. I have been so inspired by her, and I hope that others can take the chance to be as inspired by her positive attitude and loving personality. The best thing about Laura is she cares so much about her students, and it makes her students care too. Laura Capito is a great teacher, mentor, and now friend, I wouldn’t trade having her as my teacher for anything in the world.

Charlotte Diefenbach

Tailored and personal

Laura was accommodating, respectful and collaborative in her approach as my instructor. She provided me with tailored and personal lessons and she respected where I was coming from and my eagerness to learn. I would highly recommend Laura for her personal and warm approach to teaching.

Nell Connor

Challenging, creative & fun

Laura makes you feel ever so welcomed. She is understanding and never makes me feel self-conscious. She is patient and provides in-depth instruction. Laura's programs are ever so challenging, creative and fun. I never know what to expect, and when we are moving through the toughest parts, she makes sure we are having fun and laughing. Laura's soothing voice speaks to your heart. There is a beauty in you that comes through, a kindness [and] a joy. I am grateful for my time practicing with her.

Linda Samson

Exceptional teacher

Laura is an exceptional teacher with the right blend of challenge and support.

Matthew Harris-Gloyer


I just got out another fabulous class with Laura. It's remarkable what a few months of practice a with a great teacher can do.

Barb Heublin

“We live in a world in which everything is changing”

We are more connected than ever before. This constant barrage of stimulation, however, has left us distracted and feeling overwhelmed, stuck, anxious, uninspired, fearful about the future, and just ready for something new and real.

It has become clear that the formulas of the Industrial Age are no longer working and that we need a fresh approach that will help us find clarity and balance to thrive in this new world.

We have developed MAPS to help you find this balance.

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Meet Laura.

I created MAPS not because I have some secret remedy or because I think I have it all figured out. I created it because I have observed what happens around me when I embrace this idea of creating a personal daily practice of life. I have found that when I actively foster it within my life and practice it without fear of its uncertainty, that is when everything comes together and I find that I am living my best life.

And that is what I want to share with you.

Want another perspective? Check out this profile on Laura in Just Yoga

"Laura is the brainchild behind the Mindfulness, Activation, Purpose and Surrender Institute, or MAPS Institute, which is dedicated to helping people find and sustain balance in their lives. Laura's vision, through the MAPS Institute, is to enable people to be more productive and effective at work; have deeper and more fulfilling relationships; and live a more meaningful life." 

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