March 22, 2022


Minute read

Conflict Will Exist In All Of Our Relationships From Time to Time – Understanding Your Inner Child Is Imperative to Obtaining Real Power

For those of us who are drawn to applying a simple and logical analysis to our next conflict with a partner, peer, or teammate, Dave’s explanation of inner children, power struggles, and what it looks like to “win the real game” will provide guidance.

Dave breaks down the two opposing directions our inner child can lean towards—dominance and abandonment—as well as how the inner adult can obtain “real power.” By exercising patience and humility, you can apply what he teaches us to your next conflict or struggle for power. In only three steps, Dave outlines how to “win the real game” and gives context for what we typically do when we find ourselves in a conflict.

In this quick and accessibly eight-minute video, Dave Wolovsky explains the dynamics of power and conflict.

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