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The Modern Wellness Summit 2021

The traditional approaches to wellness no longer work. They are often siloed, dogmatic, and don't cater to our bioindividuality. What we need is a way to explore our holistic wellness journey, starting from wherever we're at and in a way that allows us to address all aspects of our lives.

That's what The Modern Wellness Summit 2021 is all about!

And you have an opportunity for your brand to be a part of it! 

The Summit is a FREE one-day, all-workshop virtual event in which our team of Expert Contributors (doctors, TCM practitioners, psychotherapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, researchers, etc.) will guide attendees through the various aspects of modern wellness and help them put these practices to work in their lives. It will be an exciting, fast-paced, and uplifting event celebrating personal empowerment and each attendee's personal wellness journey.

The Best Part: We're NOT Asking for Money!

The Modern Wellness Summit is all about building a rich community of humans on a journey to wellness. So, sponsorship means supporting this community. 

Here's How It Works:

  1. 1
    Support the Community
    You provide a discount or special offer on your product or services to ALL attendees (it needs to be an offer that is not otherwise publicly available) — OR — You provide a small number of product samples or gifts that we can give away to attendees during the event.
  2. 2
    Promote the Summit
    You promote yourself as a sponsor of The Modern Wellness Summit 2021 on your website, via email newsletters, and via social media to your customers with a link to the event website.
  3. 3
    Get Some Brand Love
    In exchange for your support of our community we will:
  • List you on the event website as a sponsor
  • Have your company name/logo featured prominently at various stages throughout the live event
  • Include your company as a sponsor on all  emails and advertisements promoting the Summit
  • Provide you a 2-minute slot during the live event to directly address the attendees. This can be done live or in a recorded video. The time should primarily be used to express your support of the community and their wellness journey, but can mention your product and/or offer as well.

That's It! You support our community and we support you.