February 7, 2021


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How to Romance Your Partner: 29 Ways That Won’t Break the Bank

Wondering how to romance your partner in a new and creative way? Want to make this weekend a little extra steamy? Check out this list of unique, fun, and inexpensive ideas to keep your relationship fresh.

There comes a certain time of year when you may find yourself wondering how to romance your partner! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated — or come with a huge price tag.

But before we dive into these beautifully simple romance ideas, can I remind you that you don’t need to wait for the middle of February to celebrate those you love? In fact, it is the micro-activations that you make each day that show your loved ones what they mean to you, and make your relationships work, as a result!

29 Romance Ideas

So whether you find yourself reading this around Valentine’s Day or not, here are some of our favorite ways to show your love without breaking the bank!

  1. Cook your partner dinner.
  2. Pick wildflowers and wrap them up with a bow (or the ones on the corner are just as good!).
  3. Enjoy a non-verbal experience, where the focus is simply experiencing something together — Grab your blanket, and lay out under the stars, or spend an afternoon at a museum quietly contemplating art.
  4. Make their favorite dessert.
  5. Make a playlist of songs that reminds you of them.
  6. Write a poem.
  7. Ask them about their day — and listen!
  8. Go on a date, even if it is just to your living room. Get dressed up, light some candles, play your most romantic playlist, and dance like no one is watching (which, conveniently, is true!).
  9. Hold their hand.
  10. Kiss them in public (make it a big juicy one!).
  11. Give them a massage.
  12. Take a bubble bath together.
  13. Clean the house together with some great music, and celebrate by taking a shower together in the sparkly clean bathroom!
  14. Read out loud to them.
  15. Sing them a song (if you’re musically inclined, that is).
  16. Write little love notes and leave them in random places for them to find.
  17. Sit on the couch and reminisce by looking at old pictures together.
  18. Make and bring them breakfast (or even just coffee) in bed.
  19. Write a list of all the reasons you love them.
  20. Bring home one of their favorite treats.
  21. Write them a long love letter.
  22. Go “away” for the weekend by just staying in bed and focusing all your attention on your partner.
  23. Take your time in bed, have great sex, snuggle, repeat.
  24. Spend the day happily doing whatever your partner wants (particularly if it’s stuff you don’t like to do! Watch that movie, play that game, or eat that food!).
  25. Take a moment, look in their eyes and thank them for something you’ve been taking for granted.
  26. Tell them all about how much you love their little quirks.
  27. Watch a cheesy romantic comedy (if they’re into romcoms!).
  28. Do a sexy striptease for them (even if you laugh the entire time).
  29. Spontaneously take their hand and dance with them in the street (or any public place!)

As you can imagine, these 29 romantic gestures are just the starting point. Feel free to mix-and-match them, and come up with your own. The common thread to all of these comes down to spending focused time and communicating (in all ways) with one another.

Romantic love is one of the most amazing gifts of the human condition. Here’s to enjoying every moment of it — and to never wondering again how to romance your partner!

About the Author: Laura Araujo

Passionate about accessible education and evidence-based wellness, Laura founded The MAPS Institute, an educational wellness editorial and platform. Aside from her passion for research and educating, Laura is a classically trained vocalist, sound therapist, and a practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga. She is the creator of the MAPS (Mindfulness, Activation, Purpose, and Surrender) philosophy and is in continual pursuit of helping her students and herself find balance amid the chaos around and within them. When not sifting through Nature Magazine, complaining about their paywalls, she enjoys trying new wine varietals, experimenting in the kitchen, riding her bicycle (sometimes cross-country), and spending time with her husband Charlie, cockapoo Miles, and expected baby girl, Ella.  Click here to follow the MAPS Institute on social media.



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