March 18, 2022


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Finding Comfort in Discomfort: A Meditation On Change

Uncertainty is something we all experience, and deal with individually. How does uncertainty make you feel? When you think of it, what immediately comes to mind? What feelings or sensations arrive?

In this ten-minute escape, we are guided by Laura Araujo and the backdrop of the soft and steady piano. Laura invites us throughout this practice to simply notice, in an effort to better embody malleability.

This practice guides us to close our eyes and truly travel inward, without forcing anything to happen, and while taking an extended moment to let everything be exactly as it is. We are invited to notice the environment surrounding us, as well as our “inner shape of the body.” We are reminded that we are “bold enough to be entirely here” and “allowed to become something new.”

In creating this moment of suspension, we are encouraging the subtle shifts of transformation to unfold. We are embracing the uncertainty of our real, living, breathing experiences. We are warmly embracing our “iterations of self.” Afterward, you may breathe more easily into your uncertainty. Language meets music; what you hear meets slowing down and unfurling. Let yourself be still and observe.

About the Author: Laura Araujo

Laura Araujo is the co-founder of The MAPS Institute, a classically trained vocalist, and a practitioner of Ashtanga, classic Indian yoga. She is the creator of the MAPS (Mindfulness, Activation, Purpose, and Surrender) philosophy and is in continual pursuit of helping her students find balance amid the chaos around and within them.



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